Incredible opportunity for a Seattle metropolitan area-based Director of Communications & Storytelling to lead the creative team at foundry10! Foundry10 is a philanthropic education research organization located in the University District neighborhood in Seattle. We work in collaboration with internal program developers and external partners to conduct research that expands how practitioners, communities, and other researchers think about learning. Our broad spectrum of youth programs range from Marine Science, Financial Education and STEM, to Dance, Drama and Artistic Design.

Foundry10 is a dynamic, supportive place to work with astonishing work/life balance benefits. Come design our communications strategy and lead a…

You’re invited to a virtual pilot of our new Marine Science high school-aged learning program on August 24th.

Photo by Daniel Corneschi on Unsplash

Join us for a pilot workshop of our new program Creator’s Cove! This virtual workshop will be hosted via zoom on August 24th at 2pm, with a run time of about 1.5 hours.

Creator’s Cove is a program for high school aged youth (ages 14–18) that will run throughout the school year (hopefully in-person) offering a variety of art and marine science crossover workshops and class sessions. Youth will collaborate with marine science professionals and professional teaching artists to create ocean-life inspired works of art!

The themes of this virtual pilot workshop are Superpowers of the Sea, and How to Design Your Own Ocean Hero!

Stay tuned for a registration link here.

Rainier Scholars Andrea Arevalos Garnica and Hebaq Farah reflect on their scientific and social encounters during a marine science intensive with Salish Sea Sciences on San Juan Island.

By Sara Sarmiento Ruiz, Salish Sea Sciences Communications Intern

Andrea Arevalos Garnica, and Hebaq Farah. Photo by: Sara Sarmiento Ruiz

This summer, two Rainier Scholars, Andrea Arevalos Garnica, and Hebaq Farah attended Salish Sea Sciences, a four-week residential marine science intensive program designed to provide access to scientific research for cohorts of up to 18 high school students. Salish Sea Sciences also worked closely with partner organizations, such as the University of Washington’s Friday Harbor Laboratories, during the course to ensure the safety and health of their students.

In this article, they reflect on the scientific and social encounters of this unsuspected opportunity to broaden their interests with a new cohort of peers from across the United States. Hebaq and…

Caroline Pitt gets to combine one of her hobbies with research on the foundry10 collaboration with Games to Grow.

Caroline Pitt

Caroline Pitt is a design for informal learning researcher with a background in social science and media production, combining these areas to explore multimedia data through qualitative analysis. She is currently a PhD candidate in the Information School at the University of Washington, Seattle. Much of her research focuses on designing informal educational technologies with and for teens and their communities, as well as developing best practices for concluding long-term research-practice partnerships in informal settings. Caroline is passionate about justice in education and design, as well as exploring diverse approaches to learning. …

Our brilliant foundry10 interns are making documentaries, creating comics, analyzing ocean sensors, building web apps for puberty and much, much more.

When COVID-19 shut down the foundry10 office, we took our internship program online. Youth adapted, created, persevered and far exceeded expectations. Learn more about how Virtual Internships Teach Life Skills You Can’t Learn in School and Why You Should Consider Hiring a Virtual Intern.

We’re thrilled to introduce you to some of the brilliant high school, undergraduate and graduate interns we are fortunate to have with us this summer at foundry10!

Meet the Intern Making a Documentary to Change Your Misconceptions About Antibiotics: Pinyu Liao

Meet the Intern Who Once Costumed as a Crane to Save the Chicks: Ellie Kravets

Meet the Intern Who Flips in the Air and Dives Under the Sea: Amirah Casey

Meet the Intern Creating a Web App to Help Young Girls Navigate Puberty: Maggie Wang

Meet the Tap Dancing Intern On a Mission to Stop Using Microplastics: Anna Finch

Meet the Intern Analyzing TTRP Game Sessions with Teens: Caroline Pitt

Meet the Intern Making a Homemade Wind Turbine: Blake Riley

Meet the Intern Who Skipped a Trip to Mexico to See the Great American Solar Eclipse: Karina Rodriguez

Meet the Intern Making a Comic About Deforestation: Hong N.

To learn more about internships at foundry10, visit our website.

Foundry10 college intern Anna Finch loves to dance almost as much as she loves learning about marine science.

Anna Finch is going into her third year at the University of Washington and is pursuing a degree in Oceanography and Biochemistry with Interdisciplinary Honors. She is passionate about marine science and plans to research marine pollution in the future. Currently, she is doing undergraduate research regarding microplastics in the Puget Sound. As someone who grew up doing music, theater, and dance, she is also immensely interested in the intersection of education, art, and science. Read on to learn more about Anna!

What is your favorite Marine Science fact?

One of my favorite marine science facts is that microbes living around hydrothermal vents can use chemical energy…

When not designing sustainable power from scratch, foundry10 intern Blake Riley enjoys watching classic John Hughes films.

Photo by Waldemar Brandt on Unsplash

When COVID-19 shut down the foundry10 office, we took our internship program online. Youth adapted, created, persevered and far exceeded expectations. Learn more about how Virtual Internships Teach Life Skills You Can’t Learn in School and Why You Should Consider Hiring a Virtual Intern.

Foundry10 intern Blake Riley is going into his Junior year of high school at Oak Harbor. This summer, he is making a wind turbine from scratch!

What do you like to do for fun?

For fun I like to work with leather and knives, I welded my own sword and a knife. I have also made many sheaths for knives. …

Foundry10 graduate intern Ellie Kravets believes powerful science learning opportunities for youth are key to a more equitable and sustainable future.

Photo: Ellie Kravets

Foundry10 graduate intern Ellie Kravets is currently working on a Master’s degree with the UW Museology Graduate Program and holds a degree in Biology and Marine Science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Her long-term passion for informal science education brought her to the Salish Sea in 2018, where she quickly fell in love with the rich landscape of community-centered marine science learning so characteristic to this region. Outside of work, she enjoys taking advantage of the spectacular PNW environment: gardening, tidepooling, and just generally soaking up the rain. Read on to learn more about Ellie!

What is your favorite sea creature and why?


Foundry10 intern Karina Rodriguez is passionate about making EdTech equitable and accessible regardless of race, class, or identity.

Photo: Karina Rodriguez

Foundry10 intern Karina Rodriguez is a recent graduate from the University of Washington Bothell with a degree in UX Design and a minor in education. She is passionate about education technology and ensuring that technology is equitable and accessible regardless of race, class, or identity. She loves the intersections of art and science, which has lead her to work on projects with the ECA and MOPO Museums to develop a curriculum for summer programs to incorporate science and art into creating interactive learning experiences. Her other passions include astronomy, sports, and spending time with her family and friends. …

Foundry10 high school intern Hong N. is creating a comic to raise awareness of our impact on the environment.

We are excited to introduce you to foundry10 high school intern Hong N.! Hong is a student at Glacier Peak High School in Snohomish, Washington with an interest in drawing and the natural world.

Describe your summer intern project.

I’m currently working on a 60 pages black and white comic project (in Japanese format). The story follows the journey of a boy when he discovered a forest spirit during his visit to the forest near his village. The story highlights the impact of humans on our environment, especially targets the issue of littering and deforestation.

What do you like to…


Foundry10 is a philanthropic educational research organization whose goal is to expand the ways in which people think about learning.

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