Seeking an experienced digital content writer with excellent project-management skills and a deep understanding of the latest trends in social media, SEO, and digital marketing copywriting.

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Foundry10 is a philanthropic educational research organization that works to directly benefit kids and expand the way people think about learning. We do this through applied research, youth programming, and collaborative philanthropy. …

Applications now open for foundry10’s youth art exhibition hosted at Seattle-based Museum of Museums in 2022!

Everyday Unseen is foundry10’s annual art exhibition featuring young, emerging artists from around the United States. Each year participating artists submit 1–5 pieces of artwork of any medium that goes along with the theme. The work gets displayed collectively online and in-person with a gallery opening celebration. We are honored…

Foundry10 is seeking a full-time social science researcher to join our expanding research team focused on supporting a variety of education programs and research projects.

Foundry10 is a philanthropic education research organization located in the University District neighborhood in Seattle. We work in collaboration with program developers and external partners to conduct research that expands how practitioners, communities, and other researchers think about learning. Foundry10 offers competitive salaries, benefits, and vacation time. This position is…

A study on how teachers assess student learning when implementing an emerging technology, like VR, in the classroom.

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When teachers introduce exciting new technologies like Virtual Reality into the classroom, assessment of learning objectives may not be front of mind. Building on previous VR research, the EdTech team at foundry10 set out in 2018 to learn more about how teachers capture student learning when implementing an emerging technology…

The foundry10 Trades team donated car tools and cooking supplies to support remote CTE learning during school shutdown. Here’s what students had to say about the value of hands-on remote learning.

During the 2020–2021 school year, the Trades team at foundry10 partnered with high schools in the Seattle area to provide students in Career Technical Education (CTE) classes with take-home materials. The hallmark of CTE courses is the hands-on nature of the classes, giving students hands-on experience is important for student…

Register now for a free foundry10 Creator’s Cove virtual workshop blending marine science and artistic character design.

Join us for a Creator’s Cove virtual workshop where you will have the chance to explore ocean adaptations that can be infused into your own original character design! Learn from foundry10 Marine Scientists Lindsay Holladay Van Damme and Alijah Benbrook about ocean superpowers ranging from countershading to exoskeletons, then enjoy guided practice drawing time from Artistic Design creators, Jon Garaizar and Handa Yoh. By the end, you’ll leave with a draft of your own original character design concept suitable for comics, cartoons, or video games.

  • Free with registration
  • Open to youth ages 14–18 — guardian signature required for participation
  • Materials not provided, see registration link for more details


Foundry10 partnered with educators to keep high schoolers learning the culinary arts from home.

Photo of ingredients shared by a culinary arts student in SPS.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, culinary arts programs suffered major setbacks. When in-person instruction became unsafe for students and teachers, the hands-on learning that makes culinary arts such an asset turned into a liability. …

Our goal for this fall is to use our expertise, experience, and flexibility to support and enhance learning for children in our community while helping to fill gaps in the many needs that have arisen as a result of the pandemic.

Photo by Elijah Ekdahl on Unsplash

As another school year begins during the pandemic, we are all reminded of the challenges families everywhere are facing as they attempt to keep their loved ones safe. As parents, caregivers, and educators, we at foundry10 talk openly about the day-to-day decisions we grapple with that, up until the pandemic…

Foundry10 is proud to partner with Washington Kids in Transition, an incredible organization serving students and families through the power of relationships.

Washington Kids in Transition

In her 20 years of service, Lynnwood school social worker Kelly Christianson has had to say no to struggling families too many times. No, I can’t find your kids a place to sleep tonight. No, I can’t help you get the heat turned back on tomorrow. …


Foundry10 is a philanthropic educational research organization whose goal is to expand the ways in which people think about learning.

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